Artists and Productions

Below are just a few featured artists that have recorded here at GPSmusic.

Their sites can be found on the 'links' page.

If you don't know who Laura is ,then you must be living in a cave ....

with your eyes shut...and you fingers in your ears...!!

She's been coming to GPS for 5 years now and has recorded virtually all her original song demo's here. You can find some on this site and all over youtube. Laura's official site can be found from the 'links' page. Some pics below from her "homecoming" gig in Bolton.

Laura White - X Factor Sensation


Blackheart are Chrissy Mostyn and Richard Pilkington.

In their first year they have performed over 150 concerts with some of the most prestigious names in British and American music, have received huge music industry applause for their debut album Indigo, and have already had one of their songs used as the soundtrack to one of the biggest TV commercials of the year.

Fantastic people to work with, their second album "invisible" is nearly ready for mastering now and sounds amazing.

Elias T. Hoth

Screamin' , Blisterin' , Ear Bleedin' , Soul Rippin' hard blues rock at it's best!.

Elias has produced his entire album here and it rocks!

Using Glenn, Nick and his own Elias T. Hoth band we've created a hard edged deep south rock sound that makes ZZ top sound like a lullaby.

Digital Rush / Paradise

Thumping dance tracks from the "two Stu's".

Featuring vocals from Stu Hughes,  Laura White, Laura Mac and others these guys have have loads of releases on different dance labels.

Although the tracks are remixed by dance specialists, here at GPS we have the fun of recording all the vocals.

Glenn gives his personal input on vocal style, delivery  and interpretation, always focused on  getting the best out of the artist.

The final "polishing" of the vocal (including the legendary autotune for that classic dance sound!) gives the remixers a finished vocal track ready to go...

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laura White blackheart elias Digital Rush