Copyright Details and legal stuff..


the "Song" - is the intellectual property of the writer(s) and is subject to two independant copyrights. The melody and the lyrics.
the "Recording" or "Production" - is the actual audio created in the studio and is subject to it's own copyright.

As the songwriter you will automatically have complete copyright ownership over the actual song, however, Glenn Phillips will retain a 15% copyright of the recording (spilt with the parties who paid the studio fees) regardless of amount of fees paid, though all licenses outlined below are automatically granted. Anything not covered in the licensing below will require permission from GPSmusic / Glenn Phillips.
1. Freedom to use the track for any and all promotion of the song and the writer or any other artiste associated with the writer.
2. Freedom to perform the song anywhere to a supplied backing track if required.
3. Production of the recording on up to 1000 copies for promotional use and personal sales at performances.
4. All internet use for promotion plus up to 1000 paid downloads.
5. Freedom to produce the song elsewhere without restriction.
Restrictions - you are not granted the following lisence or useages without permission or a percentage negotiation from GPS music / Glenn Phillips.
1. Licencing or complete sale of the recording to any third party ie. record label for general release, or TV / film company for any use.
2. Independant release of the recording on a run of over 1000 copies.
3. Glenn Phillips and GPSmusic are of course NOT allowed to use any aspect of the recording for any other purpose either without the express permission of the writers or performers.

In any monetary negotiation for the useage outlined in the restrictions, you should expect to recoup the entire cost of the original production sessions at GPSmusic before having to pay out any extra monies to GPS / Glenn Phillips .
ie. the original recording fees are then treated as an "advance" on any royalty agreement.
A lower percentage of copyright or a complete 'buy-out' of the recording is available by negotiation.

Regarding the "Song"...
Glenn Phillips will happily give creative input into the melody and lyrics if asked, or if he deems it benificial to the finished work, however, any major input would require a percentage of the "Song" copyright to be agreed. This shall be agreed AT THE TIME and not later so as not to cause any future disagreements.
This is a seperate issue from the copyright outlined above for the "recording".
Any songs that GPS has a copyright interest in may be promoted to labels / publishers (free of charge) if it in the interest of the writer or artists.

What the heck was all that about! ?? ..

(NB. this box scrolls down )

Basically, it's some protection for the "creative" input from Glenn himself.

Some studios will happily churn out any old recording, get paid and go home!. However, at GPS there is a lot of pride over the quality of the finished production, no matter how much studio time has gone into it.
The hourly fee pays for the time spent in the studio, the use of the equipment and the engineering skills involved in physically getting the recording down.

However, thrown in, you also get Glenn's personal skills of producer, arranger, keyboard player, programmer and maybe even singer to benfit from.
Should you have had to recruit these skills from other individuals, either large session fees would have to be paid (which includes 'signing off' on any copyright interest on the track) or percentage points on the recording would require negotiation.

The small print above basically means you can't take a recording from here that has Glenn's playing or singing on it, or any production that Glenn deems "unfinished" or a "demo" and release it commercially or sign it off to a label without permission from Glenn.
(eg. a vocal recording on a pre made backing track from elsewhere doesn't come under this category, but a vocal recorded against a 'quick' piano track from Glenn is subject to these terms and conditions).

While the recording is subject to the 15% in the terms, GPS will promote and publicise the recording where possible. Should a record label wish to release the recording (sourced by the artist/writer) GPS would expect to receive a negotiable percentage similar to a standard producer deal which is around 5-10%. (to be negotiated directly with the label.)

 Why ?? well, in the old days a "demo" was exactly that, usually sounding terrible, and for a record to be released there was no alternative but to go into a big commercial studio. These day though, changes in technology mean that a high quality recording can be achieved in a bedroom even, and that the recordings produced here in a few hours easliy hold up on Radio and TV.

The conditions above we deem as most reasonable, however, if you have any queries or objections don't be afraid to ask about any aspect. They are in place so both parties know what's what, and are flexible to indiviual circumstance. We are sure a happy agreement can always be reached quickly!

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