Music Production


At GPSmusic we can produce all your original songs up to any standard from a rough 'demo' to a finished recording ready for radio airplay.


Glenn is the producer of all the tracks and his years of experience allow him to cross all genres, while his speed and efficiency keep costs way down from what you might pay in a larger studio.


Sessions from 1 hour to 4 hours available (3 hours max recommended!)


If for any reason you're not happy after the first hour you can walk away with no charge (this hasn't happened yet!!)


We take great pride in our productions here at GPS.

Time here is in high demand and we have no need to simply "fill our hours".

If we feel that your song isn't benefitting from our production for whatever reason we will hold the session over till any issues are resolved.


Evening Rate - £40 per hour. (ask for available discounts when booking!)


Daytime Rate - £45 per hour.


Weekends - only by request

Production Demos

Below you'll find some audio of the studio's output.


Some are showreels of Artists you'll find on the 'links' page.

Others are a showreel of the different styles produced here.