Hi all, not updated for a while... studio is busy as always with plenty of live work as well.

Tons of tracks and lots of jingles going on at the moment (thanks, Central FM Scotland!)


NEW GEAR ALERT ...   new mic (AKG C414XLII) and a new pre-amp (Focusrite ISA 430 mk II ) giving the studio £2000 worth of killer mic sound!.


The movie "Stan Helsing" is out to buy now, featuring myself as "the singing voice of Stan" and including my missus and Nina from 'Oxygen' on backing vocals... it might be a cheesy movie, but it's nice to get your name on the credits!.. :)




Elias T Hoth DVD released in a couple of weeks..  big festival gigs in the pipeline for '09

Some pics of the gig from Leigh under "artists" now.


Paradise new single signed with Amanda Edge on vocals. Best of luck to her and Stuart.


Laura White's homecoming gig a huge success at Bolton's Reebok Stadium.


Elias T. Hoth album launch was spectacular... ears are still ringing and we can't wait to see the DVD footage.... Leigh was ROCKED!!!! ...


Laura went out of the X-factor... unfairly in our opinion. We wish her all the best and hope to see her  very soon.


Friday's gig was amazing...  Emily met loads of celebs and sang her heart out to over 5000 people!!

(See the "BIG GIG" page for details...)


Glenn's daughter Emily has won Century Radio's "Xmas Factor" competition and  has been chosen to sing on Friday 7th November at the Manchester Christmas Lights switch on!!!...   we are totally blown away!   (Also, she's hoping to meet Leon Jackson, as he is headlining it. )


Laura White doing well on the X-factor, she's still in touch and we wish her all the best!.


Glenn's daughter Emily has sung "Winter Wonderland" for Century Radio's "Xmas Factor" competition, sent in but not heard anythink yet.. fingers crossed!


Laura mac has taken over vocal duties for "Digital Rush" writers Stu Connor and the other guys, looks like she's on the brink of her first single release.


Blackheart second album is nearing mastering now after several months. It's sounding great, some previews in the "music" section...


Elias T.Hoth announces launch gig in Leigh for Sat. 8th Nov. clips in the music sections, or check out his website in "links".


Laura W. has made the final 12 for the live TV Shows!!!  nice one!


Laura White has stopped coming for dance vocals and her own songs as she's though to boot camp for X-Factor!


Simon Pollit has teamed up with Katie to form a new original song duo called "Smile at Strangers"... new myspace site on the links.. thousands of hits already!!  A record deal can't be far away!.


Nina has signed to a dance label in LA (and Germany) with a well established team. Fortunately she's ok to keep doing her backing vocal sessions for me here.. wouldn't want to lose her!!


Elias T. Hoth album finished (after a long hard slog).. well worth the wait!


Blackheart starting recording second album after the first one "Indigo" has sold it's first 1000 copies and been re-pressed.


Glenn's fav. jingle "Harry Hastings insurance" has come BACK on the TV after an apparant drop in sales after changing it.. he he!.


Simon Pollitt has been back with new songs...  stronger than ever!..


Gary Cooke album now available on i-tunes and in all record stores nationally.

 "Songs for Everyday Use"..  and it's awsome!!..  over 5 years in the making! see links..


Glenn 1