Studio and Equipment


Below is a list of the equipment in use at the moment... well most of it!


yamaha O2r digital mixing desk

P4 PC with RAMBUSS memory and dedicated Tdif 16io soundcard

Cubase 4 software allowing unlimited recording and editing.

2x UAD-1 Powered plug-ins sound processing cards.

Over £1000 of plug-ins for the above cards including vintage compressors, eq's, reverbs and a full mastering suite.

Huge array of "virtual instruments" including vintage synths, "the Grand" piano, Halion, Groove Agent , trilogy, Stylus and Atmosphere (plus too many more to list)

Rhode NTK valve microphone, superb for vocals.

Event 20/20 monitor speakers

Focusrite mic pre-amp

Lexicon digital effects

Beyer pro headphones

5.1 Surround sound mixing and monitoring if needed.

Pod XT and Pod XT Bass pre amps ready for guitarists to plus straight in.

Roland RD-170 Stage piano (studio master keyboard)

Korg Triton TR keyboard

Roalnd Fantom XR rack, expanded with 2 SRX soundboards

Roland JV 3080 rack expanded with 2 SRX boards and 3 SR-JV boards

Usual assortment of DAT players, Minidisc players, amps etc...



The studio is an air-conditioned digital production suite, suited to MIDI programming and capable of recording musicians and singers in a seperate isolation booth. (restricted to one at a time for space reasons).

Centered around a Yamaha O2r digital desk (the standard desk for digital production for many years now) it utilises a high powered PC system for mixing and mastering wich incorporates many features usually reserved for "high end" city centre studios.

The biggest asset to the studio is the dual UAD-1 powered plugins cards, which is  dedicated music processing hardware and equivalent to around 8 Apple Mac G4's running simultaniously!

These cards allow GPSmusic to produce a finished sound to rival the 'big' studios, polished and ready for broadcast.