Musicians and Friends

Although the main studio is part of Glenn's home, it is by no means a "one man show"

Below are the people without Glenn couldn't produce much of his music to the standard it is now and all his thanks and "big love" go out to them!

Nick has been playing guitars and bass for GPS since 2001 and his talent and versatility cannot be beaten!

Touring with Ruby Turner at the moment, Nick  also plays with soul band "Turn It Loose" along with a swing band, smaller soul bands and as a professional session musican in countless other venues.

His humour and talent make him easy to work with and a huge asset to the studio.

Nick Marland - Guitars and Bass

nick pic

Nina - Amazing Vocals!

Nina is without dount THE most talented professional female singer we've had the pleasure to work with. Her easy temperament, amazing vocal range and stunning tone make her absolutely invaluable to us as a singer.

She has worked on all genres here at GPS , from jingles (including the occasional sexy voice over!) to karaoke backing vox (from country  and western to thrash metal), to finished pop and dance vocals on original material.

With her partner Liam (also a top singer!) they form  the brilliant "Oxygen-Duo".

Check out their sites  from the 'links' page.

Bigger things beckon both of them, from tribute shows to record deals, but for now we are happy to have their talents still availble here at GPS.

Nina b-w

"Snake" Davis - Saxes, Flutes and more...

Arguabely one of  the best saxophone players in the country today,  we are still stunned to have him available here at GPS.Snake doesn't have to come down to the studio though, he can take a brief and record at his own place in Berkshire, sending the finished files back to GPS over the web. His talents include sax, flute, penny whistle, babmboo flute and shakuhachi. His track record beggars belief and would take up the whole website!.. just go to    and be awestruck!..


Bryan Corbett - trumpet

Also available though the miracle of the web, Bryan's skill on trumpet, flugel and cornet is available. The extra "life" given to a programmed brass section by the addition of one or two live tracks is quite amazing and when coupled with Snake's talent a "full on" frontline brass sound can be had

 for a very small outlay!

bryan 1

Pete Whitfield - "Live Strings"

From a solo violin to a full arrangment including muliple live tracks mixed with seamless keyboard programming, Pete can provide a live string section for any track. it's not cheap, but he is one of the best!

pete oxygen